Trade Partners

How does Ai work with other professionals?

The answer is well. Ai works very well with other professional tradespeople. We fully understand that the customer’s satisfaction relies on Ai and all of its professional colleagues communicating effectively, listening to each other, and doing our jobs properly.

Here’s how Ai can help you:


Design & Planning

Ai is really easy to work with.

Ai works closely with both the client and other trades throughout every step of the planning process. We attend all necessary meetings, provide appropriate documentation and make ourselves available for on-site consultations. We also offer our state-of-the-art showroom for other tradespeople to use with their clients. 


Lighting Design

We create environments with light.

Ai has expertise in designing all types of lighting control systems. We’re able to provide detailed plans with easy-to-read icons to show exactly where everything is located and how it can most readily be installed. We work closely with electricians, carpenters, sheet rockers, alarm system installers and other tradespeople to make any necessary modifications, adjustments, or assist with our design.


Low Voltage Design & Prewire

We coordinate everything.

Ai Works is licensed, bonded and insured in all things “low voltage.” We achieve maximum performance by following strict standards and adhering to all residential and commercial codes. We work closely with other professionals (such as electricians, landscapers, pool companies) and often handle pre-wiring jobs from start to finish.


Automated Window Treatments

Ai has solutions for every window.

We can automate everything from blinds, drapes and curtains. We can coordinate directly with the homeowner’s interior decorator, or provide a designer from our staff to assist in the design and selection of window treatments. Energy efficiency, privacy and security, maintaining views and preventing sun damage are just some of the important reasons Ai automated window treatments can satisfy all your clients’ needs.

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Strategic Partnerships

Helping our trade partners.

Ai actively pursues cross-marketing opportunities with our builders and other trade partners. We coordinate “open houses” for live demos and entertainment. We provide sponsorships and donations for special events. We deliver food and beverages at numerous events. We feature our trade partners’ projects in all our social media outreach. And we offer sales assistance with realtors along with complimentary “Smart Home” consultations with their clients.


Continuing Education

We never stop learning.

Ai is certified by CEDIA, an international trade association that is the central touchpoint for thousands of companies in the ever-evolving technology market. Ai has been qualified by CEDIA to educate homebuilding professionals in many areas of home automation and smart home technology. Ai offers classes in lighting design, home theaters, as well as numerous other required continuing education classes. 

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Security and Surveillance


With an Ai installed surveillance system, you’ll be able to monitor what’s going on inside or outside your home in real time – using just your smart phone or tablet.  You’ll be able to check that your home is safe, any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  We believe this is the ultimate in peace of mind.


Support and Service


Ai’s expert service doesn’t stop once your home automation system is installed.  We are with you for the long haul.  Our service team is on call X days a week, 00 hours a day.  And our 1-year warranty on workmanship is the longest in the Home Technology industry. Our goal as a company - as we said before - is a simple and sincere one: To deliver superior service before, during and after your earn your trust...and become your home technology company for life. 

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